FOK-SNP promotes and coordinates research projects in the Swiss National Park, in the Regional Nature Park Val Müstair and in the conservation and development zone of the Engiadina Val Müstair Biosphere Reserve.

To understand the natural development of a secluded ecosystem such as the Swiss National Park and the biosphere Val Müstair, the Research Committee set up two primary tasks: a) the long-term monitoring of its research, and b) the organization of interdisciplinary projects. It is also responsible to answer questions of scientific interest with regards to park management. Possible enquiries range from the ecological impact of a high density of ungulates, the changes in landscape, the optimization of water resources in the Spöl, the ecological and economical consequences of tourism in the National Park, to the stability of ecosystems in terms of natural disasters and extreme climate change. The committee is composed of members who are actively involved in research projects from relevant scientific areas such as natural and social sciences.

Year founded: 1916


Together with the Park management the research committee is responsible for the planning and coordination of the various projects, and they grant permission for projects to be carried out. In accordance with the Park’s conservation mission, only relevant projects may be carried out.

Current members

Members 1916-2020

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